Latin America for Lovers

written by Carla Hunt | Posted on June 21st, 2014 - Recommend Magazine

The honeymoon experience in Latin America embraces upscale country inns; mountain and jungle lodges; seaside hideaways; and capital city treats.

The Personal Touch
"When asked to pick a personal favorite for a honeymoon, Sandra Borello, president of Borello Travel & Tours, says, “My first choice would be as exotic as possible, focused on both romance and wildlife"

In Patagonia, best way to see the breathtaking land is by boat


Written by Melissa Thompson | Posted on Sunday, January 18, 2015

IF YOU GO: Borello Tours & Travel offers custom-designed trips.Call (800) 405-3072

Tips: High season is December through March. The weather is more temperate but highly unpredictable.

Patagonia is one of the most unexplored — and breathtaking — parts of the world. It's located in the southern end of South America, and geologists believe the region once belonged to Antarctica; it certainly looks the part.

Unplugged at the End of the Earth

Photos & Words By Janis Turk  | Posted on January , 2014 - The New York Resident Magazine 

"Although I’ve traveled extensively, I had never been on a cruise. I just don’t see myself as the “party on the Lido deck” type. I’d hate being stuck on a ship with a thousand tourists bellying up to a buffet. So when Sandra Borello of Borello Travel & Tours assured me that this was “not that kind of cruise,” I was relieved."

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